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Unveiling the Secrets: A Thrilling Adventure in 'Dangerous Habits'

Unveiling the Secrets: A Thrilling Adventure in ‘Dangerous Habits’

A Deadly Secret Unearthed: Leah Nash Dives into a World of Deceit and Danger

Susan Hunter

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

In the sleepy town of Himmel, Wisconsin, where life typically moves at a leisurely pace, a relentless reporter named Leah Nash finds herself caught in a whirlwind of intrigue. Susan Hunter’s gripping debut novel, “Dangerous Habits,” takes readers on a thrilling journey into a web of secrets, corruption, and unexpected danger. As the first instalment in the Leah Nash Mystery Series, this book sets the stage for an unforgettable and heart-pounding adventure.

Review: Unravelling the Truth in ‘Dangerous Habits’

Dangerous Habits (Leah Nash Mysteries Book 1) Kindle Edition:

Dangerous Habits (Leah Nash Mysteries Book 1) Kindle Edition:

Leah Nash, a tenacious reporter scraping by in her hometown, stumbles upon a shocking secret following a torrential storm. The discovery of a dead nun from the local school for troubled kids unravels a chain of events that leads Leah to question the tragic accident that claimed her sister Lacey’s life years ago. Sister Mattea, the deceased nun, harboured secrets of her own, secrets that might connect her suspicious death with the heartbreaking incident involving Leah’s sister.

As Leah delves deeper into the mystery, she unearths a network of deceit and corruption that entangles the school’s influential leaders, wealthy donors, and even her own boss. Each step closer to the truth puts Leah in greater danger, making her the target of a relentless killer. With enemies at every turn, she struggles to determine who can be trusted. The clock is ticking as Leah races against time, risking her life to expose a truth that could shatter her world.

In “Dangerous Habits,” Susan Hunter expertly weaves a tale of betrayal, vengeance, and the consequences of remaining silent. With each twist and turn, readers are gripped by the tension, eager to uncover the truth alongside Leah Nash. This book is a must-read for fans of Lisa Gardner and Karin Slaughter, offering a fresh voice in the world of thrilling mysteries.


Meet Susan Hunter: The Mastermind Behind ‘Dangerous Habits’

Susan Hunter

Susan Hunter, a contented introvert, resides in rural Michigan with her extroverted husband, Gary. With a background in journalism as a reporter and managing editor of a small daily newspaper, Susan brings her first-hand experience into her writing. She later ventured into the realm of university publications and marketing, sharpening her skills at feigning engagement during academic meetings while mentally compiling grocery lists. Susan also taught English composition, providing her with ample opportunities to impart her knowledge and navigate the intricacies of academia.

In addition to crafting the Leah Nash series, Susan indulges in reading the works of other authors, immersing herself in classic films, occasional walks accompanied by snarky conversations with old friends and family, savouring chocolate chip cookies, and promptly responding to the emails from her dedicated readers.


“Dangerous Habits” is a remarkable debut by Susan Hunter, introducing readers to the captivating world of Leah Nash. As the first book in the Leah Nash Mystery Series, this novel leaves readers hungry for more. Hunter’s skilful storytelling and her ability to keep readers on the edge of their seats make this book an excellent choice for anyone seeking an enthralling mystery filled with secrets, suspense, and unexpected twists. Prepare to be captivated by Leah Nash’s relentless pursuit of truth, as danger lurks around every corner.


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