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Improve Your Putting ?️ With Anokh Jai

The Short Game – Putting ?️ By Anokh Jai

Did you know that about 40% of strokes over 18 holes are executed on the putting green and that improving your putting is the easiest way to cut strokes off your score? Before I get to how you can improve your putting, it’s important to understand the motion behind the putting stroke.
The putting stroke is essentially a pendulum motion that is controlled by your shoulders. All good putters have “quiet” hands, which allow the big muscles (the shoulders) to control the stroke. If you find that your putting stroke is very wristy, a fatter putter grip will help you maintain quiet hands. Together with a consistent stroke, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct putter for your arc shape.

Putting strokes are divided into 3 different arcs:
1. Straight
2. Slight Arc
3. Severe Arc

How you can improve your putting? The first thing to do is create a baseline. The next time you play a round of golf, keep track of how many putts you have on every green on your scorecard. This is your baseline.

The next step is to improve your putting. All good putters have the following 3 things:
1. Good distance/stroke control
2. Correct alignment to the target
3. Maintain a square putter face through impact

When all of these things come together, you are one dangerous putter!


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