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ANGA MEGA KISUMU 22nd-28th March 2019- Nakumatt Mega City- KESARI

ANGA MEGA KISUMU 22nd-28th March 2019- Nakumatt Mega City- KESARI



Nakumatt Mega City, KISUMU KENYA




KESARI is based on the true story of one of the bravest battles that India ever fought – the Battle of Saragarhi. The year is 1897 and the British Empire having conquered most of India, is now trying to infiltrate Afghanistan. Fort Saragarhi, in the NWFP (North Western Frontier Province) is a small communication post used to relay messages between two major military forts – Gullistan and Lockhardt. To be posted at Saragarhi is no matter of pride for the newly formed Sikh regiment of the British Indian Army. Marked in color KESARI (Saffron), the Sikhs symbolize valor and pride and to die doing one’s duty. Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar), a proud warrior who prefers to live by his community rules, is often found in direct conflict with the orders of his British officers. As a punishment, Ishar is sent to Saragarhi where a bunch of 20 unruly, undisciplined Sikh soldiers await him. And it is this bunch of cheeky but lovable rouges that Ishar leads into the battle when an army of 10,000 Afghani Pathans turn up at Saragarhi on the 12th of Sept 1897. It is now 21 Sikhs vs 10,000 Afghans on the battlefield.

Friday, 22nd March: 9:00 PM.
Saturday, 23rd March: 6:00 PM, 9:00 PM.
Sunday, 24th March: 3:40 PM, 6:20 PM.
Monday, 25th March: 8:40 PM.
Tuesday, 26th March: 6:20 PM.
Wednesday, 27th March: 4:00 PM, 9:00 PM.
Thursday, 28th March: 9:00 PM.


Little Italy 2D

Friday, 22nd March: 4:00 PM.
Saturday, 23rd March: 2:00 PM.


Captain Marvel

Friday, 22nd March: 2:00 PM.
Saturday, 23rd March: 11:30 AM.
Sunday, 24th March: 11:20 AM.
Tuesday, 26th March: 4:00 PM.
Thursday, 28th March: 4:10 PM.


Cold Pursuit 2D

Friday, 22nd March: 6:20 PM.
Saturday, 23rd March: 4:00 PM.
Sunday, 24th March: 1:40 PM, 9:00 PM.
Monday, 25th March: 4:00 PM, 6:20 PM.
Tuesday, 26th March: 9:00 PM.
Wednesday, 27th March: 6:40 PM.
Thursday, 28th March: 6:20 PM.



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