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Why Stability From The Ground Up Is So Important – Phera Jai

The Importance Of Stability In Golf ?️ By Phera Jai

Our feet, that we take so much for granted, contain 52 bones, 66 joints, 214 ligaments and 38 muscles, and are one of the most complex parts of our body.

The average person takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps in a day, which in an average lifetime adds up to about 110,000 miles, which means one has circled the globe more than four times over. As one walks, the pressure on our feet exceeds our body weight, but when we run we subject our feet to three to four time our body weight. Due to misaligned feet, the human body, the marvel that it is, then compensates for the misalignment, and inadvertently, places excess stress on the compensating body part. Is it then a wonder that 8 out of 10 people suffer from ankle, knee, hip, back or shoulder pain or discomfort, due to their feet.

A majority of the population today does not have neutrally aligned feet; they either have flat feet or high arches. This not only affects your balance in golf, but will contribute, if not cause, ankle, knee, hips, back and shoulder problems. Using the body in an incorrect way may predispose you to injury due to excess strain on muscles and joints. The human body is one entity, having instability or a restriction with one body part will play a domino effect on the rest of the body.

Benefits in Golf:
It has been found that lower body stability directly correlates to how solidly a golfer is able to strike the ball. Lower body stability allows for upper body mobility (movement), while maintaining a good golf posture (allowing for upper body rotation). Maintaining a good golf posture throughout the swing will allow a golfer’s body to create a better “spring” effect within the torso, which will lead to more distance. Consistency will also result from having more lower body stability.

Proper evaluation of feet:
Most people who have misaligned feet will find that each foot differs in the way and degree to which it is misaligned. It is not uncommon to find that one foot may be flat footed while the other high arched. This is why it is so important to have your feet and knees evaluated in the correct manner.

After much research, Total Golf Solutionz Ltd has found the ALINE Technology to be the best for evaluating and fitting the individual with insoles that are customized to their individual needs (the varying degrees to which individuals have misalignments as well as the ability to cater for flat feet and high arches for each individual foot). The ALINE Evaluating machine allows an individual to visually see their ankle and knee alignment, and has the ability to customize each foot individually. The insoles have been designed for athletes as well as non-athletes, allowing for suspension of the foot structure which allows the bones to move the way they are required to, proper transfer of energy of the foot, shock absorption, as well as stability and mobility where the foot needs it.

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