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What Is The Importance Of Selecting A META Certified Social Media Marketer For Your Business?

What Is The Importance Of Selecting A META Certified Social Media Marketer For Your Business?

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Someone Who Is META Certified In Social Media Marketing?


There are many social media “so-called” experts in the market to choose from, however, what makes a META-certified marketer stand out from any other inexperienced person doing regular social media posts is the knowledge and technical experience. A META-certified social media marketer will clearly identify the following:

  • Your SMART Goal: Creating A Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely Goal.
  • Build A Customer Persona: Identifying who is your most valuable customer, what are their habits, hobbies, interest, age, where are they from?
  • Map Out Your Customer’s Journey: A lot of companies who provide social media marketing services just focus on making the regular social media posts every week, publishing them & boosting them, while a META certified marketer is more focused on your end goal, checking to see if your visuals, graphics, Ad text and call to actions are inline with your campaign goals & does the information resinate with your selected target audience.
  • Identify The Campaign For Your Goal And Advise The Customer Correctly: There are many options when it comes to Social Media Marketing, these include: Building Awareness, Lead Generation, Traffic Generation, Enquiries, etc… Our job is to guide you to select the right call to actions in line with your marketing message and business goals, rather than just boosting content for likes and not being able to measure the success of your campaign.
  • Identify What META Channels Will Work For Your Business: In the META Group there are several platforms from social media to messaging apps like WhatsApp that can be used to make your advert stand out, but only certain marketing channels will have a greater impact on your adverts considering the content you have available than others, e.g. Instagram can be ideal for portrait short videos, while Facebook can be used to for carousel adverts to showcase many products at once, and for adverts on mobile games and apps, a marketer can always tap into audience network. In short a META certified marketer will plan out what channels work and of course plan out the content and sizing according the platforms your content will be shared on.
  • Identify What KPI’s To Measure For You: This allows you to see the value of social media marketing to your business, and helps you measure the effects your campaign had on your campaign goals, and what to consider for the future.
  • Planning For The Future: Understanding past campaign information, Facebook pixel data & campaign metrics on what is working and what doesn’t work for your business, making strategic points for future campaigns to consider as you go forward. This can include what type of content your customers are responding to most, where you are wasting monies, and if there are other customers audiences that are responding to your adverts that you haven’t considered.


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