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13 Jul, 2024
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Trancewood- Gift Your Mom Something Special This Mother’s Day-A European Standard Kitchen!

European Kitchen- Every Mother’s Dream- Trancewood

Trancewood has the latest & greatest when it comes to the Kitchen- A place where all mothers cook from their hearts! So why not give your mom a something special this Mother’s Day?

Kitchenkitchen  As a company, we noticed a challenge in the market, as far as interior furniture is concerned.

Three salient points came up namely:-
• Other suppliers tend to use very basic and generic kitchen and wardrobe designs.
• A very limited colour range on door finishes-as a result several projects have similar looking furniture.
• Most kitchen and wardrobe suppliers compromise quality to be “competitively priced.”


This elegant, open shelved design makes your home spacious. Summed up with the yellow, white and black contrasting theme, Yorah will enhance the look and warmth of any home. Ample storage is available with the large drawers under the island and floating cabinets located at the back of this kitchen. This TranceWood® kitchen also introduces a modern – island cooking and dining concept allowing a compact, yet grand lifestyle to your home.



KitchenAmple storage space is one of the many features of Voli – achieved by a large number of drawers and drawer sizes ranging from small to large drawers. Voli also includes a high level storage unit useful to store the smaller items of the kitchen. It is at an arms reach allowing easy cooking on the exquisite electrical hob fitted into the island . The resin coat and wood finished drawer combination produces a seamless and eye catching TranceWood® kitchen for your home.



KitchenThe curved – white wing doors in contrast with the deep red granite top of Invera are a captivating sight. The ColoGlass® backsplash seamlessly rising from the granite is yet another beautiful aesthetic in this TranceWood® kitchen. A combination of small and large drawers allows you to store all the various types of kitchen items you need.


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