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The Art Of Putting – Anokh Jai

Perfect Putting ?️ By Anokh Jai

There are 3 aspects to putting:

1. Good distance/stroke control
2. Correct alignment to the target
3. Maintain a square putter face through impact

Equipment needed for the drills:

 5 golf balls
 Putter
 10 tees
 1 golf towel
 A practice green

Distance and Stroke Control

1. Find a flat area of the practice green away from any holes. Remember you are working on distance control, not accuracy here.
2. Putt the 5 balls making a putting stroke from the inside of one toe, to the inside of the other toe. Make note of the distance they travel.
3. Increase the stroke length to toe-to-toe, and finally to the outside of your toes and make note of the respective distances travelled.
4. Onto the long putts now. Take the 5 balls to one side of the green. Place a towel at the opposite side of the green.
5. Putt the 5 balls to the towel with the aim of stopping them on the towel.
Repeat this in all directions across the green.

Alignment To The Target

1. Place a tee in the green.
2. Using your putter mark out a ‘Clock’ around the tee.
3. Putt the 5 balls from each mark to the tee in the middle with the aim of all 5 balls hitting the tee. If you miss one, start again.
4. After successfully hitting the tee from all the marks, increase the length by 1 putter grip. Keep going as far back as you can.

Maintaining A Square Putter Face

1. Place 2 tees in the green about 2 inches apart creating a gate.
2. Place your ball about 1 foot behind the gate.
3. Line your putter face through the gate.
4. Putt the ball with the aim of getting it through the gate consistently.

These 3 simple drills will help you develop the 3 aspects required to improve your putting. Try and spend about 20-30 minutes on these drills. You may find one of them more difficult than the others. Spend more time on the difficult drill.



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