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TNR Trust: Join Us in Vaccinating, Spaying, and Neutering for a Healthier PawNation TNR Trust is excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Kenya's beloved Sherehe Ambassador, Bosco, in a crucial mission to Vaccinate, Spay, and Neuter the adorable residents of

TNR Trust: Join Us in Providing Lifesaving Care for Toya's Recovery On Saturday the 2nd of December, on his way home, Dr. Desmond discovered Toya, a little girl with a wire deeply embedded in her neck. Employing a resourceful method

TNR Trust: Can You Help By Fostering These Rescued Puppies? In a heartwarming rescue effort in Tigoni, a litter of medium-sized pups, aged only 2 weeks, were saved from a precarious situation. Unfortunately, their mother was tragically hit by a car,

CHEETAH Have you been searching for a four-legged companion who embodies the qualities of coolness, calmness, and sweetness? Look no further, as Cheetah, the remarkable rescue dog, is eagerly waiting for her permanent home. With an impressive array of attributes, Cheetah

You Can Rent A Crate For Your Furry Mate From TNR Trust: Travel Crates For HIRE! Preparing for domestic travel? Are you taking your pet with you? It’s critical that your pet travels in the right size crate for him

Save A Life & Support A Good Cause By Adopting A Furry Friend From TNR Trust! Adopting a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences for pet owners. Not only do pets provide companionship, but they also offer unconditional

It's Heartworm Awareness Month: Protect Your Pet From This Silent Threat Did you know it's Heartworm Awareness Month? Are you planning on taking a road trip with your dog to the coast for Easter? Are you aware of Heartworm disease? Keep

Support TNR's Life-Saving Work: Mobile Clinic Reaches Rural Communities, Provides Vaccinations & Sterilization Donations make up a big part of TNR's ability to help rescue, rehome, hold campaigns and educate the public. Since March 2019: 5,046+ Vaccinations. 638+ Spay/Neuters. 1,276+ Children Educated Our

TNR Trust: Ban The Illegal Selling Of Stolen Dogs In Kenya & Stop Animal Cruelty! In Kenya, dogs are not only kept out in the sun all day at Ruaka Roundabout (and other locations) by sellers, SOME of these dogs have

TNR Trust: Poison Prevention Because Accidents Happen - Article Submitted by TNR March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness month. It is therefore important as a fur parent, foster or volunteer, to know about pet poisons. Dogs and cats are curious by nature

TNR Trust: Make A Difference By Donating Any Used Or New Items To TNR! Nairobi dog people, are you doing a clean out of dog items? Are you getting ready to leave Kenya? Has your dog outgrown a harness, leash, collar, crate, or

TNR Trust: Want To Snag A Cuddle Bug? Check Out Our Adoptions Of The Week- Toffee & Dancer!

TNR Trust: Want To Snag A Cuddle Bug? Check Out Our Adoptions Of The Week- Dot Dot & Cheetah!

TNR Trust: Happy Valentine's Day! I Woof You Today & Everyday! 💕This month of love, make a rescue dog's day and help vaccinate another!💕 HOW? Send them a Valentine's Day treat and remind them that they are still loved. When you send one of

TNR Trust: This Valentine's Day, Share Your Love! 💕This Valentine’s Day, help share your love with animals in need. How? By sending an animal in need a Valentine’s Day treat.💕 With a minimum donation of KES1,000, you can send an animal a

TNR Trust: We Need Your Help!! Help Us Feed Our Puppies & Adult Rescues!! Our munchkins are growing in size and appetite! We have run really low in supplies and would greatly appreciate your help in order to keep them fed

TNR Trust: We Need Your Help!! Can You Help Us By Becoming A Foster? We need FOSTER HOMES for several pups who range from 3 months, as well as for some adult dogs. Going to individual foster homes will help them

TNR Trust: Adopt JOJO - KSD KING Of EARS! We think he is probably the rescue with the biggest ears in the history of TNR. They flop in different ways, which is so endearing! Jojo has been with us for over

TNR Trust: WINNER of the SMILIEST SMILE CONTEST: SILVER Monty on the left (already adopted TNR dog), and SILVER on the right, (remember, she was rescued from Zambezi, with a brutal head injury that she sustained, at the hands of a

TNR Trust: Silver Says Thank You For Your Help! UPDATE: I am deeply touched by your well-wishes and support. I had my spay surgery done, the swelling on my nose has gone down a bit, but is still infected. Dr. Desmond says

TNR Trust: Silver Needs Your Help! Hi, My name is Silver, and I am about 2 years old. I live in Zambezi, where a generous and loving family has been taking care of me. I love them dearly for looking after

February: The Spay/Neuter Awareness Month! The whole month of February is recognized as Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. World Spay Day was launched by Doris Day Animal League in 1995, as an annual campaign to encourage people to save the lives by spaying