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05 Jun, 2023
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TNR Trust - Mobile Clinic Campaigns

TNR Trust – Mobile Clinic Campaigns

Urgent Food Appeal!!

Support TNR’s Life-Saving Work: Mobile Clinic Reaches Rural Communities, Provides Vaccinations & Sterilization

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Donations make up a big part of TNR’s ability to help rescue, rehome, hold campaigns and educate the public.

Since March 2019: 5,046+ Vaccinations. 638+ Spay/Neuters. 1,276+ Children Educated

Our Mobile Clinic, the first of its kind in Kenya, has an on-board surgery dedicated to sterilizing and vaccinating dogs and cats. The clinic enables us to reach deep into rural and impoverished areas and has been well received by the public who would otherwise be unable to afford to vaccinate or sterilize their pets.

Our campaigns ensure that people and pets are safe and healthy and help protect everyone in the community.

We receive no Government funding and are totally dependent on donations like yours. Any donation, big or small, will help us continue and expand our work.

Thank you for your generosity!

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