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01 Apr, 2023
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TNR- Ready To Make A Difference

TNR Trust – Ready To Make A Difference?

Urgent Food Appeal!!

TNR Trust: Make A Difference By Donating Any Used Or New Items To TNR!

Nairobi dog people, are you doing a clean out of dog items?

Are you getting ready to leave Kenya?

Has your dog outgrown a harness, leash, collar, crate, or simply doesn’t play with some toys?

Would you like to donate some used or new stuff? TNR Trust could use some for our foster dogs & the shop.

Any items that we sell pay for the vaccination & sterilization of cats & dogs in need.

THANK YOU!! Your donation makes a difference!

How Can You Help?

Please Call Our Office For A Drop-Off Point For Any Items You Wish To Donate!

Contact Our Office:

CONTACT US (+254) 743 618 892

If you want to donate some money to help buy some dog food, you can via MPESA:

Mpesa Paybill: 921408 TNR Trust, account: DOG FOOD


Click On The Link Below To Make A Donation:


We really appreciate your continued support!

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