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16 Jun, 2024
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Let's Go Green By Mabel

Let’s Go Green By Mabel

House Plants! Who Doesn’t Need Them? LET’S GO GREEN

I must agree that lately I have been overly obsessed with houseplants. Have wanted them for so….. long but never took my time to do quite a good research on this, only to realize that it’s actually very easy to maintain them, and that ambience left in a room, maaa….n just speechless.

This post is going to make you love these plants, admire them and introduce them to your already beautiful spaces.

My first plant was Monstera Deliciosa, this is why it just had to be the first.

Any houseplant lover that has come across never misses this plant, and I definitely knew there is something about it. Forget about its large glossy green leaves. This is what I discovered after purchasing it.

  • It sprouts so well, that’s where its monstera name comes in, it’s a monster plant.
  • I found its deep leaf splits and holes to be soo pretty, this only occurs when it’s perfectly cared for.
  • Its sprouting looks so great with many interior styles.
  • One thing I noticed is, this plant likes standard indoor temperatures.
  • Indirect light is the best, harsh sunlight has resulted to it’s scorching sometime back. ( I almost cried, watching this happen).
  • Before we could water it twice a week but we ended up losing some leaves. So watering only once a week has really worked for us.
  • When planting, I  put soil mixed with manure, some stones to allow drainage and I ensured the pot had a hole, again this was basically for drainage purpose you don’t want to have soaky soil.

Our Monstera is currently at our balcony since it’s sprouting so fast and well, we do not have that perfect space for it inside the house. It looks so perfect at the corridors and entry ways. Try it , it is one plant that will never disappoint.

It may seem slow at first, drop a few leaves here and there, you will feel like giving up, you will try conducting more research, to try understand the why and the how. Why you are a poor gardener Lol!

Give it ample time, it is trying to adapt and it will pick up so so well, you wont believe.

Dieffenbachia was our second plant. Now this I can say is the easiest plant to take care of. This is why, it just stays there looking all pretty and sprouts its leaves pretty fast. Should I just call it a slaaaay queen. I just love how simple its leaves are, with the white flecks that are perfectly attached to the white stem. Isn’t this pretty?

I know it looks so artificial. Questions I get. Where did you get your artificial house plant? No it’s real, I’m just in here doing a great job with my very minimal agricultural skills. That even reminds me, guys i did agriculture, imagine that for a minute. Interior decor, agriculture which world is that? Because they claimed home-science class was full.

Alas! I’m here doing gardening.

This is one of the easiest plants to start with as house plants. This is why…..

  • It can thrive so well in room temperatures averaging from 65 – 75 degrees.
  • It cannot handle full sun but it really appreciates some good lighting. It does so great in the kitchen area.
  • One thing have noticed, during very hot days it takes in lots of water.We try so much to keep the soil moist and not wet, to prevent it from being weak.
  • A well draining soil works perfectly good with dieffenbachia.
  • As you can see in the picture, there are about three leaves about to pop, this plant is an attractive strong grower.

Dieffenbachia is a wonderful addition to indoor plants and it brings a real tropical look to any interior. You don’t want to miss this out, as your interior signature.

Our third plant is the Snake Plant. Its scientific name is actually Sansevieria. This plant is just everything, if there was a prize for the most tolerant plant, snake plant would certainly be one of the front-runners. Its care is very very straight forward.

You can actually ignore this plant for weeks and its

leaves will still look fresh.

  • Snake plant can survive low light levels and it gets even better, drought, yes it can survive drought.
  • Now, this plant keeps the air inside your home clean, in short, it is that perfect houseplant. Don’t we just want the air all clean at home?
  • It as well thrives so well in a free draining soil.
  • The care of this plant has been so easy, simply put it into indirect sunlight and don’t water it too much, in fact it’s better to let it dry out sometimes.

They really are the easiest of plants to look after, and will happily reward your good care by giving clean air to your home and a little cheer in the corner of any room.

If your home is not blessed with tons of square footage, it does not mean you can’t flex your green thumb. All of these plants take up minimal space. And to achieve that good look, elevate your plants a little and put them in that empty corner in your hall way.

Are we planning to add another houseplant? yes! Yes! yes!

There are about 21 indoor plants, at least those that have come across in my many readings and research. But this would make our perfect fourth plant. It is a palm tree falls under flowering plants. It is always picture perfect, and it bends perfectly as a perfect photo bomber.

When caring for theses plants please ensure that you at least have your gardening gloves on.

Tell me which plant do you currently have?

How many plants do you have?

Which plant have you loved the most in this long short post?

Would you go for artificial plants or natural?

Have you for years wondered how much work it takes to keep a house plant growing? It takes a second

After this article are you willing to try one out?

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Mabel Achieng Oginga- Blogger & Founder Of MabelHomestyle