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How To Grow Your Business & Beat Your Competitors With A Website In 2019- Hassan Jiwani

Does Your Website Meet The Expectations Of 2019?

It is quickly becoming fact that by 2020, if your business doesn’t start embracing technology your business could become extinct.

Whatever industry you’re in or choose to be in, having an online presence is very important. You could be running a supermarket, a hotel, a restaurant, a boutique, a spa, a real estate agency, travel agency, or even a medical clinic. There are many businesses who have embraced the digital age and are thriving beyond their borders to heights that they would have never imagined, winning over new customers everyday.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Website

1. Company Image

Most customers today, before dealing with you, will look you up online, and if you don’t have a website, there’s a big chance that they may not take you seriously.


2. Attract New Customers

Attract New CustomersCurrently if you haven’t embraced the digital age, chances are customers have been coming to you for years, through word of mouth, customer referrals or walk in’s, but what happens now to the new customers of this age?

There are thousands if not millions of potential customers who are looking for services and products to purchase & the first thing they will do, “Google It”
The new trend has already begun, if the customer had a great experience, they will start referring their friends to that company, which in the long run would ultimately result in a loss for your business i.e. there will be drop in profits, and you may become obsolete if you are not willing to change with this day and age.


3. Customer Accessibility

Customer AccessibilityWouldn’t it be nice if you wanted a product or service and all you had to do is click a button from the comfort of your home to get access to it? “Yes It would be!!”

Companies are already doing it, from online supermarkets to boutiques, so why can’t you?


4. Make Money While You Sleep

Make Money While You SleepYour business might be closed at the end of the day, on weekends, or on holidays, does that mean you should stop making money?

With a website you could do business 24hrs a day, 365 days a year and there are companies today that wake up to huge profits, before their day has even begun.


5. Take Your Business To The Widest Market That Exists “The World”

Take Your Business To The Widest Market That Exists "The World"It may be very expensive to setup your business in new countries, cities or towns just to bring your products & services closer to your customers. Well, with a website it is very easy and inexpensive and can be done without even travelling to that location. Through a little target marketing, you can already start gaining access to new customers all over the world.

A customer can be sitting in Ethiopia make a payment online and all they have to do is wait a few days to receive their product through courier, it’s that simple.

Your customer may be sitting in Uganda and requires a service like a hotel reservation, a medical checkup or want to attend an educational seminar or course, they can easily make the payment online, book a date and voila you’re in business.


What Must Your Website Include In 2019?

Some people need to understand that a website is not just a luxury that a business spends on, to improve their image, it is a necessity for every business whether you run a big business or a small business. A website can drastically change your business growth over a short period of time and also helps guide customers through your business and execute call to actions that you have set through forms and buttons, for you to easily access new business in a clean way.

A lot of businesses have made a mistake of investing into a website and after a year or so, are left with a static page, where no customers are landing, the website is not listed on any search engines, and there is no way of checking if the website is even bringing you any business.

What Should A Website Be?

ShowroomA website showcases your business as a story to your customers of who you are, what you have done, how to contact you and how to make a purchase. It acts as your storefront to the world, and is the base that should be connected to all your social media pages, so that when someone clicks on any social media or search engine marketing campaigns they quickly link to the base “Your Website”.  A website also has the modules to retain all customers that land on your website through signup forms, push notifications and allows customers to fill out inquiry forms and make purchases online.

What Does Your Website Need For 2019?

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I’m sure some of us have come across this page:

WebdesignMost websites today should be designed using HTTPS with an SSL license.


2. Retention

website notificationYou must have a way to retain your customer’s information when they land on your website, otherwise your social media paid adverts and your Google adverts would be a total waste, if someone lands and leaves your page they may never come back.


3. News-feed

Website NewsfeedIt’s a fact Google loves websites that have news-feeds/blogs, and if you regularly have new news, articles, video blogs and updates of your business on your website, you are more likely to be listed on Google.


4. SEO

For every Page, News Post or Product you have on your website, you must setup your Meta Tags, Your Meta Description & Your Key words and further more there are ways you can submit your website daily to Google for listing.


5. Traffic Monitor

Reports Traffic WebsitesTake your website like any other business e.g. a franchise, another store front or a new branch, most companies do run campaigns on social media and search engine marketing, but how do you know where your traffic came from? How do you know which location the client is browsing from? and How do you know what device they used? All this data is very important to plan out your marketing strategy so that you can capitalize on improving campaigns that work and also re-targeting your adverts more to your potential clients rather than browsers who are passing their time.


6. Accept Online Payments

Online Payment WebsiteIt is much easier when your clients makes payments upfront and you also need a reliable payment gateway connected to your website so that your monies are not tied up for more than 2 days in order for your business to deliver the product/service on a timely basis.


Don’t Get Left Behind, If you want proof that you can grow your business online, look at the Forbes 100, or look at the websites you visit everyday from Facebook, Netflix, Youtube, Google, Amazon, Ali Express, Twitter, Jumia…We are already in the The Digital Age!

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