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18 Jul, 2024
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Feeling Inspired By Rahul Bhavan

The Inspirational Rahul Bhavan’s Life & Love For Music-DIL JALAKE

Having the worst day of your life? Think again! Meet Rahul Bhavan a 32 year old, who lives a normal life
despite his disability & being on a wheelchair. Never has he used this as an excuse or an obstacle to deter him or his dreams. His passion for writing can be seen through his work.

About The Video:

This is Rahul’s first music video titled ‘Dil Jalake’ which is about a man on a wheelchair, who is secretly in love with a beautiful woman.  Unfortunately he discovers this woman he loves, has a boyfriend and doesn’t share the same feelings as him, which leaves him heart broken. To his surprise another woman appears  in the video and expresses her love for him, giving him his happy ending, thus leaving a message;  There is a special someone out there for everyone.


Lyrics- Rahul M. Bhavan & Shiva
Singer- Shiv Singh
Music By- Sodi Singh
Starring- Aliza Rajan, Aakash Barot, Rahul Bhavan & Nayanka Singh
Video- BWOY P (Cliptown Creations)
Wardrobe for Aliza & Nayanka- Shenu Hooda
Location Partner- Concord Nairobi
Brand Partner- Halal Cosmetics

“I wish to make make my father proud of my work want to make his name go forward. I believe I have ability to do lot of work at ago I wish to bring Kenya forward in entertainment field.”

-Rahul M Bhavan