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29 Sep, 2022
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maximize your kitchen storage

5 Ways To Maximize Your Kitchen Storage- H&S Homes & Gardens

How To Maximize Your Kitchen Storage In 5 Ways

The kitchen is where all your delicious meals are prepared and it’s for this reason that it is the heart of your home, it, therefore, doesn’t only need to look appealing to the eye but needs to be functional too! A well-organised kitchen is what one should be going for, after all, you want your kitchen to be fully functional and have easy accessibility so you can cook up your delicious meals. So are you ready to learn how you can maximize your kitchen storage?

1. Bespoke Drawers –maximize your kitchen storage

This is a clever storage concept that should be used in every kitchen! They have easy accessibility with everything neatly organised and easy to find. Bespoke drawers are perfect to manage your cutlery and maximise kitchen storage.

2. Open Shelving –

This is a more bold & contemporary trend is a great way to show off some of your expensive china then this is a style you would love. This can be custom made with racks to even hang your dinner plates etc. You can have open shelves made of tiles, wood, or even glass or metal to give your kitchen a fresher & bolder look!

3. Glass Fronted Cabinets-

Similar to the open shelving concept, the glass-fronted cabinets allow you to display your decorative items & crockery. Alternatively, you can opt for frosted glass or even reeled glass that adds texture to your kitchen space, not revealing everything but giving your guests a glimpse of what’s hidden behind! This is also more practical then having open shelving if you want to avoid accidents in the kitchen, as well as, help keep everything stay clean and ready to use

4. Hanging Rod With S Hooks-maximize your kitchen space

A hanging rod is a perfectly convenient and practical storage option to hang utensils. This can be tidily done over the stove or in any place which is easy to reach.

5. Organised Pantry-

maximize your kitchen storage

This can be used to store all your foods, grains etc. It’s best to have a custom-made pantry with a combination of open shelves, customised drawers and compartments which will help maximise your storage place. It’s also a good idea when storing grains, cereals, rice, flour to have cuttings of the packaging to allow you to easily identify or even better to store in custom made labelled jars and containers for a more personal touch!



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