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28 Sep, 2023
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Tips For The Kids’ Room – H&S Homes & Gardens

The Perfect Kids’ Room Design, Just 4 Tips Away!

Designing your child’s room isn’t as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of thought & work that goes in, from the colour scheme to the decor. This is, however, the most fun part of the house as you get to make it as playful and you get to think outside the box because unlike the rest of the house this room can utilize bold patterns with bright colours and fun murals. If you don’t want to stick to the gender rule and prefer using neutral colours and decor that works too! Check out our amazing tips & ideas on how to choose the perfect paint shade, design, and style to get the best room designed for your child!


4 Tips To Keep In Mind When Designing Kids’ Room:

1. Who Says Blue Is For Boys Only?-
kids' room

When designing your kid’s bedroom, blue & pink have been the traditional colours for boys & girls respectively. However, you don’t need a colour to define gender. If your girl likes blue why not add a splash of blue in the room?

In this bedroom, a very light blue hue has been used on the walls and a pop of blue colour has been used on the wallpaper behind the beds along with some blue on the headboards.


2. Pick A Fun & Playful Mural-

A child’s room is a place for creativity & boundless imagination! Simply painted murals can transport a child into a fun and playful environment and can be a stimulus for creative play.

For this bedroom, a simple tree mural has been used as this helps bring the outside nature inside. You can be creative and make zigzag designs using masking tape to create mountains or you can paint stars or can have some fun animals painted to give a jungle look and feel to your child’s room. The choices are limitless, pick a theme and work with it!


3. Add A Statement Furniture Piece –
kids' room

Even if the walls are painted white you can spruce up the room with a statement piece such as this bunk bed. You can add some colour to make it stand out but it doesn’t necessarily have to be bold colours. Even a dusky blue or grey with white can do the job. You can also leave the element of natural wood to make it stand out more just like this room.


4. Wallpaper Can Make All The Difference-

When decorating a child’s room, keep in mind paler colours can be more soothing.  However pale colours don’t have to be boring. You can use wallpaper with pastel-coloured shapes such as triangles to add a bit of colour. You can also choose stripes, squares, circles in different colours to bring more life into the room.





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