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30 May, 2024
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Zumba & Yoga With Pooja Doshi!

Zumba & Yoga With Pooja Doshi!

Learn About Zumba With Pooja Doshi

An exercise fitness program which involves movement of the whole body. This form of exercise is very new, created 19 years ago founded by A Colombian dancer & choreographer Alberto Perez. It includes dance which includes hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo styles along with areobics, squats & lunges all of which is performed to energetic music.


RECAP: Zumba Yoga Workshop 4th May 2019

Acacia Studios, Viking house hosted a Zumba Yoga Party on the 4th May 2019 which was lead by Pooja Doshi for Zumba and Joanne Burgess for Vinyasa dance flow yoga.

It was a very successful event which turned out to be a full house. It started at 1.30pm and went on until 3.00pm. It was a mix of both dance and yoga which was very energetic and refreshing.

Cafe Kaya were the kind sponsors of the delicious fresh juices that were tasted by those who attended the workshop.


As we plan the next workshop, get your dancing shoes and yoga mats ready for a much bigger workshop!


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