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13 Jul, 2024
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Benefits Of Zumba For All Ages!

Zumba Yoga Party On Saturday, 4th May!

All About Zumba!!

An exercise fitness program which involves movement of the whole body. This form of exercise is very new, created 19 years ago founded by A Colombian dancer & choreographer Alberto Perez. It includes dance which includes hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo styles along with areobics, squats & lunges all of which is performed to energetic music.

Benefits of Zumba:

There are many benefits of doing Zumba. The most prominent benefits include:

  1. Complete body toning. As Zumba targets many different muscles groups all at once it is great for full body toning.
  2. Maintains a good cardiovascular & respiratory system. It speeds up your heart from the aerobics as well as helps improve the lung capacity.
  3. It is a good stress reliever & keeps you happy. With exercise endorphins or the happy chemicals are released that helps keep you happy.
  4. Helps with coordination. Because of the movements of arms & legs in different directions a lot of coordination is needed. With daily Zumba coordination is thus improved.

This Saturday on 4th of May, you can try your hands on Zumba along with Yoga! 

zumbaCome experience the exuberance of Yoga Dance Flow and the fun party of Zumba in one workshop with Joanne Ball-Burgess and Pooja Doshi. After the party, we’ll unwind with a little something for the dancing yogis at Cafe Kaya, 2nd floor, Viking House.

**Also open to kids ages 12yrs+
Pre-register: ksh 1,200
Drop-in: ksh 1,500

Space is limited so claim yours by calling us on 0721 111141 or [email protected].
Lipa na Mpesa to till number 653183