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05 Dec, 2021
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Your Guide To Baby Proofing - H&S Homes & Gardens

Your Guide To Baby Proofing – H&S Homes & Gardens

Baby Proofing Your Home – Keeping Your Child Safe!

If you have an infant who is still not crawling but is about to get to that stage you need to make sure you have started baby proofing your home. Below is a checklist for baby proofing the main areas of your house! Let’s begin!

1. Baby Proofing Around The House-

  1. If you use gas or oil appliances or if you have an attached garage it’s important you install a carbon monoxide detector. If you have one, well done! Just make sure the batteries aren’t dead!
  2. A smoke detector is another thing that should be installed on every floor, in the hallways etc.
  3. Invest in a fire extinguisher & make sure you know how to use it.
  4. Baby Gates must be installed both at the top and the bottom of the stairs.
  5. Cover all electrical points in the house with safety covers!
  6. If you have blinds with looped cords, now is the time to get rid off them.
  7. If your TV isn’t mounted to the wall, now is the time to get it mounted and have concealed electricals/wirings.
  8. If you have a fireplace, make sure you have installed the fireplace screen.
  9. Move all fancy, breakable objects away! Move wobbly lamps behind furniture or out of the way.
  10. Cover all sharp furniture edging with safety pads.
  11. Make sure your rugs have antislip pads under them.

2. Baby Proofing The Baby’s Nursery-

  1. Make sure the crib is placed safely away from windows, heaters, lamps etc.
  2. Make sure the crib is placed away from the furniture.
  3. Remove all toys, bumpers, pillows, blankets from the crib.
  4. If you have a rug in the nursery make sure it is antislip.
  5. Cover all sockets with a safety guard.
  6. Keep all baby products out of reach from the baby.
  7. Make sure the drawers are secured with a safety lock.
  8. Install a camera/baby monitor.

3. Baby Proofing The Kitchen-

  1. This can be the most dangerous place for a baby. If you have a door that separates your kitchen to the other rooms, keep it closed at all times.
  2. When cooking preferably use the back burners.
  3. All electrical sockets should be covered with a safety cover and all electrical appliances should be turned off and disconnected from the socket always.
  4. If you are planning to hook on a high chair to your dining table, make sure the table is sturdy. Also, get rid off table cloths.
  5. Your rubbish bin should have a lock on it or should be out of baby’s reach.
  6. All sharp objects, glassware etc should be stowed in the cabinets above.
  7. Any dishwashing liquids, detergents, medicines should be kept out of baby’s reach. Make sure you use childproof bottles, ones which can’t be opened easily to avoid ingestion/contact.
  8. Make sure the cupboards & fridge has a child lock!





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