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22 Sep, 2023
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You are important

You Are Important! – Positive Reflection Of The Week

What Would We Do Without You…!

“Without you, there would be one less star on this planet shining the light of possibilities into the hearts of others.”

Today, I just wanted to come here and tell you that you are more than you tell yourself!. You are smarter, beautiful and more loved than you know.

When you accept this truth, any negative things you or anyone else tells you about yourself can no longer have an impact on you. Know this, that without you, there would be one less beautiful star in the sky to shine the light of possibility into the hearts of everyone here. This is the reason you were created! Remember this.

I think we all need to hear this once in a while. We are humans, as humans we are susceptible to feelings and emotions. And sometimes, those emotions tend to make us feel like we are not Worthy or Enough!

If you are experiencing this kind of thoughts of worthlessness, give your attention to the part of you that needs some appreciation. Start recognizing that you are an amazing, powerful, beautiful, and divine being and there is no one like you in the world, there is only one you. You are one of a kind and your value is infinite.

You have everything in you that this world needs to be great! You only need to believe it, see it, know it, understand it, and most importantly, remember it.

You Are ImportantAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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