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23 Jun, 2024
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Yoga For Beginners- The Downward Facing Dog Pose

“Adho Mukha Shvanasana-The Downward Facing Dog Pose”

This Pose is the perfect pose that rejuvenates the whole body, strengthening the arms, shoulders and legs as well as stretches your hamstrings, shoulders, calves, arches, hands, and spine.


1. Place hands and knees on the floor, with fingers pointing away from you and spread apart. Hands will be placed under the shoulders, knees under the hips and spine straightened but relaxed. (Make sure your weight is evenly distributed through your whole hands and not just the wrists).

2.  Lift the knees off the floor, with the buttocks raised towards the ceiling (drawing your abdominal muscles up and in).

3. Straighten your legs, heels facing down or alternatively keep your knees slightly bent and heels off the floor

4. Press the tailbone/buttocks upward gently while lengthening through your arms and legs. (make sure head is aligned with arms).

5.Stay in this position for up to 5 yoga breaths then return to starting position.




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*Video Credits: Yoga Journal