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16 Apr, 2021
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What’s Trending This 2021? – By H&S Fashion Guide

6 ‘For Her’ Trends To Look Out For This 2021

2021 has finally arrived and with it ladies, this year has some cool designs which even included some pieces from the past such as bralettes & corsets. Here’s what made it to our top 6 list of 2021 trends for all you ladies out there. So are you ready to embrace this new year looking nothing but stylish? 

2. Bring Back The Bralettes-

2021Yes, the bralettes have made another comeback! Whether plain and simple or studded with rhinestones, bralettes can be literally paired with anything and everything. We have picked the classic white lace bralette paired with a pair of wide strides that is another trendy piece this 2021!


2. Sexy Stripes-

This 2021, stripes are in and guess what? the bolder, the better! So don’t be shy and get ready to be striped!


3. Corsets & Curves-

2021Corsets bring out the curves while keeping the waist slim & this silhouette has been an all-time favourite for many including the Kardashians who maintain their hourglass figure all thanks to the corsets.


4. Disco Diva- 

2021Given how most of 2020 was spent this is a fitting description for the sparkly wear that was once worn. For the glamourous look, this 2021 had to add some sparkle in hope that the year will be awesome! You can either choose sequined tops to sparkly gowns. Whatever you desire, remember you are a disco diva!


5. Midriff Flossing-

2021Midriff flossing is trending this 2021. Basically, it’s a term used to describe the cords or strings that are attached to either a crop top, skirt or trousers and are crisscrossed and wrapped around the waist.


6. Flowy Maxi Dresses-

2021Flowy maxi dresses are in this year. They are the most elegant piece to own this 2021 and can be worn on a date be it during the day or the night!






What’s Your Favourite Trend This 2021? Comment Below!!



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