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15 Aug, 2022
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type of relationship

What Type Of Relationship Are You In? – H&S Love Affair

The Types Of Relationship

type of relationship
Simply put, a relationship is a ‘connection’ between two people which can be negative or positive. You must have commonly heard the phrase ‘we’re in a relationship’. This phrase doesn’t necessarily indicate the type of relationship is ‘romantic’, i.e. it involves physical intimacy or commitment. It can refer to a range of associations a person has with another. So what are the types of relationships you can have with your partner?

Here Are 6 Types:

1. Romantic- Many are familiar with this type of relationship. Romantic relationships involve feelings of love, passion, intimacy, infatuation, & attraction for another person. In the beginning of this type of relationship there are heightened feelings which result in release of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin that are responsible for the euphoric feeling. As the time goes by, intensity goes down and the feelings of love have a new meaning as they are replaced with deeper levels of emotion & intimacy, that are responsible for creating a stronger relationship.

2. Platonic- This type of relationship is a close and intimate type which is purely based on ‘friendship’ and doesn’t involve sex or romance. It includes feelings of closeness, fondness, respect, care, honesty, support, mutual understanding and acceptance of one another. However, it is possible for a platonic relationship to later bloom into a romantic one.

3. Casual- Have you heard of the term ‘friends with benefits’, ‘one-night stand’, ‘booty call’ or ‘sex buddies’? That is exactly what a casual relationship involves. It is a consensual relationship that may involve dating & sex without expectations of commitment. Where the people involved are not necessarily monogamous. In this relationship both involved get their satisfaction from sex, intimacy, connection, companionship without having their personal emotions come in the way.

4. Open- Not to be confused with casual relationship, open relationships are consensual non-monogamous in which one or both partners have sex with other people. In this type of relationship, both agree to have sex with others but it involves conditions. Both partners should be aware of their personal, emotional and sexual boundaries in order to have a successful ‘open relationship’.

5. Codependent- This type of relationship involves a partner to be emotionally, physically or mentally dependent on the other person. However, having said that both partners can be mutually co-dependent on each other too, where they take turns to cater to their partner’s needs. In this relationship, one is a clear giver while the other a receiver. It’s also important to note, that not all codependent relationships are the same. If one appears to be be ‘needy’ the other may find comfort knowing they are ‘needed’.

6. Toxic- This type of relationship is characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness, dominance and control. It is unhealthy as one’s emotional, physical or mental well-being is at risk. It lacks support, involves blame, control, disrespect, dishonesty, jealousy, hostility and gaslighting and can be stressful, harmful & even abusive.


Now that you have learnt about the different types of relationships, how would you define yours?



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