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05 Dec, 2021
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searching for love

What To Look For When Searching For Love – H&S Love Affair

3 Things To Look For In A Partner, When Searching For Love

when searching for love
When searching for love, often one has unrealistic expectations about the person and the relationship. Usually, these unrealistic expectations are based on what others think, one’s past experiences, family history. It’s important to understand that life isn’t like a romantic movie and hence having unrealistic expectations can only make any potential partner or relationship seem inadequate as well as disappointing. Instead when searching for true love don’t go for what others think and what looks right. If it feels right to you then it’s most likely right! Look for what you need and not what you want in a partner!

 Physical attributes such as height, looks are not the criteria you should aim for when searching for love, instead look for these 3 things:

1. Someone Who Is Caring, Rather Than Cute- Looks fade with time and shouldn’t be a priority when searching for true love. If you find someone who is caring the relationship is bound to last!

2. Someone Who Has Similar Values- What are your family values? Look for someone with similar values to yours because for a relationship to last you need similar values.

3. Someone Who Is Intellectually Compatible- You want someone with whom you can have deep conversations that are interesting to both, this will help have a lasting relationship.

searching for love

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