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What To Get Her This Festive Month By Sarah Nderi

What To Get Her This Festive Month By Sarah Nderi

Perfect Gift Guide For Her This December. – By Sarah Nderi

December is really testing people’s relationships and friendships. How keen you’re amid conversations will be weighed when a gift is required of you and you don’t know your friend’s taste.

Christmas is here, so is Boxing Day, graduation, birthdays and even workplace secret Santa charades. If you’re looking for something to buy for a lady that’s thoughtful and nice, here are some options:



Cardigans are back in fashion and I love them. I plan to get one this December, I had one but gave it away. Now I’m really digging this Cardigan Trend.

If you’re looking for a gift for your lady friend, sibling and cousin; this is a good choice to consider given the Nairobi rain and weather right now.

I can really use an umbrella right now. I always can’t seem to find the quality umbrella that won’t flip in the wind and I know many people can’t seem to find any either.

If you follow my blog, you know am all about goal setting, goal planning and achieving your goals. Buy a classy notebook for your friend and help them kick start 2019.

I recently bought this one from Naivas Supermarket and I love the emoji cover. The Supermarket I am referring to is the one located near the new Stanley Hotel.

A classic watch is also awesome but make sure to know her colours before you splurge! I find that black, browns and nude colours always do well.

Perfume/Body Wash
I love the Magnolia Body Wash and Revolution by Chris Adams Perfume if any one cares ??.

Know her favourite options and pick from there.

For those of us who carry laptops and lunch daily to work, we can’t have enough backpacks.

One for work, a cute one for cycling at Karura, a bigger one for going to shagz; we are ladies. More bags please ?.

These 6 Ideas will help you navigate the gift giving season and remain a great friend.





SARAH NDERI – Fashion Blogger