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21 Oct, 2021
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what do men want

What Do Men Want? – H&S Love Affair

What Is It That Men Look For In A Relationship?

what do men want

It is believed that women are highly complex creatures compared to men, however, this is a highly debatable topic. It should be noted that both men and women are not only made different physically but they also have differences in levels of passions, mentality etc which could be due to the differences in hormones (testosterone vs oestrogen) but could also be affected due to the social environment (upbringing etc).

In a relationship, usually women take long to get attached because of not wanting to fall to quickly and then getting hurt, but once involved they are extremely attached and are in it with full dedication and sincerity. However men, on the other hand, can easily jump in and out of relationships without any issues, but this isn’t always true. If men get what they are yearning for in women then it’s very possible for them to get attached with full dedication and sincerity. So the next mind-boggling question you might have is what is it that men are looking for?

5 Things Men Yearn For: 

1. Unconditional Love- No matter how cliche this may sound, it’s true that men ardently yearn for unconditional love in a relationship. They dislike conditions and demands in return for their love. Be wary women! Remember men like their freedom, and anything that binds them may chase them away.

2. A Good Friend With Good Communication Skills- This might come to women as a bit of a surprise but men too love to talk and be-listened-to once in a while. It’s a misconception that men only want sex. They actually yearn for a partner who can be their companion as well as a good listener. Yes, ladies, it’s really not all about the sex for men! Remember long gone are the days when men would be the controlling and deciding body in a relationship. Today, a good relationship is one in which there is long-lasting friendship with better understanding and good communication skills.

3. Full-Commitment- This one is a no-brainer. Men expect women to be completely committed in a relationship to them. They have zero tolerance for infidelity. Women, make sure you have your eyes for your one and only!

4. Equal Amount Of ‘Give & Take’, If Not More- This refers to mainly support and encouragement, important attributes that both partners should possess equally in a relationship. Support and encouragement shouldn’t only be expected from men alone. Remember men too need support and encouragement every now and then. Women, if you keep expecting support and encouragement from your men all the time and aren’t giving any in return, then now’s the time to carefully rethink, if you don’t want to lose your man!

5. Meaningful Sex- Sex is usually considered by many a means of reproduction, and many forget that this, in fact, is actually the key to making every relationship grow stronger and deeper. So don’t take this as some forbidden fruit. So as much as it’s not all about sex only for men, men do find sex as a means of getting closer and vulnerable with their women. Hence women, make sure you are paying attention to your man’s sexual desires.





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