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30 May, 2024
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‘WeMadeThis’ The Truly Inspirational Duo- Dee & Vish!

WeMadeThis-What Inspired Us?

Well that’s easy.. inspiration is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes, let your mind wonder and just use your imagination! At WeMadeThis we see beauty in everything, so why not take something that’s old or of no use and use your mind to create something beautiful. Recycle it and make it into a piece of art that can be Reused- a treasure that holds a small memory, something that will make someone smile and that adds light and colour to a room. Why not do Something that will reduce the harm to our environment and help save our world, even if its just a small part we play?

Wemadethis Dee & Vish

Handmade?? Thats us.. we are vibrant, full of life and what we love to do. Its what makes us happy and who we are. An eco-friendly idea was grown in 2017 to create beautiful handmade products from glass and old fabrics. Our mission is to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Our Vision is to have our products in every household and event. Promoting ways to conserve the natural environment’s beauty.

WeMadeThis Dee & Vish

Let’s Go Green!

“WeMadeThis” also takes corporate orders for the HORECA Industry & Lodges




You Can Find Us At These Events:

Oshwal Fair│Nanyuki – EAWL Craft Fair│Vipingo Craft Fair│Mediterraneo Craft Fair│Santa’s Soko│Family Fun Day – Sir Ali Muslim Club