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03 Mar, 2024
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WeMadeThis- Create To Recreate with Dee & Vish!


“Create To Recreate”

Create To Recreate” are the words used to describe exactly how WeMadeThis is defined.

Recycling bottles is one of our creations but another is designing our own bags. As we say “Old is Gold” so using old fabrics, we use our skills to recreate them into making it new again. It simply becomes a fashion statement with swag.
Our bags are…

RecreateHere we go again “RECYCLING”

They are one of a kind piece where no other person will have the same and they are unique to one’s taste.

At wemadethis we are all about being different and making a difference.

Why not do Something that will reduce the harm to our environment and help save our world, even if its just a small part we play?

WeMadeThis Dee & Vish

Let’s Go Green!

“WeMadeThis” also takes corporate orders for the HORECA Industry & Lodges




You Can Find Us At These Events:

Oshwal Fair│Nanyuki – EAWL Craft Fair│Vipingo Craft Fair│Mediterraneo Craft Fair│Santa’s Soko│Family Fun Day – Sir Ali Muslim Club