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19 Apr, 2024
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WeMadeThis: By Dee & Vish


WeMadeThis At Craft Fairs & Flea Markets

Why do we participate in craft fairs and flea markets? 

WeMadeThis believes it’s a great opportunity for the public to connect with the artists and creators of their work.
Being a vendor requires research and planning and the ability to keep a smile on your face while standing for long hours.. and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.. Luckily WeMadeThis is a ‘people person’ brand. We the creators are constantly in our happy-go-lucky mood which we use as the key to our brand being a success.

Fairs can be a real challenge as you never know how the crowd will be, who will show up and then there’s the unpredictable weather…However there’s just some thing about the feeling of having someone admire your product, picking it up and loving & complementing what you have created.  Connecting with our customers is a rewarding experience and makes us feel that what we do is appreciated and worthwhile.

Here are some of the fairs we have participated in and enjoyed every experience of…


You Can Find Us At These Events:

Oshwal Fair│Nanyuki – EAWL Craft Fair│Vipingo Craft Fair│Mediterraneo Craft Fair│Santa’s Soko│Family Fun Day – Sir Ali Muslim Club