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21 Jun, 2024
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Wardrobe Essentials By Sarah Nderi

Wardrobe Essentials By Sarah Nderi

Wardrobe Essentials: How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe – By Sarah Nderi

I am definitely at a place where I feel my wardrobe needs a purge, plus I have been feeling that I need to wear clothes that communicates my personality and my signature style.

Maybe you feel the same way too. Or you just left university and your usual sweatpants and Crocs is not going to cut it. I got you. Let’s purge together.

In case you’re wondering, a capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe with your fashion essentials communicate your personal style, and that you wear on a weekly basis.

Most of my clothes I bought ages ago, others were gifts from my family. I have not bought clothes this year but I feel I need to Vamp my wardrobe to be taken more seriously. Yeah God will open doors but He’s not doing the hiring. Clothes are a big part of being a fashion blogger. ?

When Most of your Clothes are Gifts or Hand-Me-Downs
In this case it’s hard to figure out your personal style as you work with what you have. But there are pieces that you love wearing and think go together. Start with that. Look at what you wear in a week and how you pair it and use that as a basis.

Purge your Wardrobe
Clean out everything you don’t wear and give it to charity. Trash all the worn out clothes to create space and a sense of organization in your wardrobe. If you don’t want to give it to charity or trash it, repair it. But seriously, how many of us have socks that don’t match in our closets?

Write Down Key Wardrobe Essentials
A tip I learned this year is to invest well on shoes, inner wears, and bags. Invest in quality accessories. They make one look more put together even though your clothes are not designer or from big brands. So, three pairs of shoes, three bags; backpack, handbag and purse or any variations and loads of inner wears. Strapless bras, Seamless under-wears and variations are great for women to go with different clothes and occasions.

For a corporate look, go for grays, black and white. They are easy to style and black never runs out of style. From these colours you can then branch out to colours that are a bit bright.

Go Shopping
You have your list together. Always start to what you feel would make your life much better. It may be socks, belts, bags, sneakers; anything that can make life easier now, start with that.





SARAH NDERI – Fashion Blogger