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Vitafoam- Our Most Luxurious Range Of Spring Mattresses & Pillows

Vitafoam Mattresses

Viscospring® Wonderpillow


Visco-Spring Pillows are introduced for the first time as winning combination of two systems that have been successfully used for decades. so that there is no need to choose between a memory foam pillow and a spring pillow and the benefits of both can be enjoyed. The intrinsic resilience of its components allow this particular pillow to maintain its shape and comfort level much longer than any conventional pillow.

Individual Imprint │ Soft & Plump │ Ideal Spine Alignment │ Active Contour │ Controlled Microclimate │ Non Allergenic


@ KES 6,000.00



Pocket Spring Mattress By Vitafoam

This mattress is made of springs that work independently hence minimizing movement on the mattress. This 5 zone pocket spring system has a greater concentration of springs where body is more heavier providing extra support for your body. It provides a luxurious feel and body weight evenly distributed regardless of differences in weight.

Our most luxurious spring mattress range. Made from individual springs housed in separate fabric pockets which work independently hence minimizing movement on the mattress for comfortable sleep Our pocket spring mattresses ensure your body weight is evenly distributed over the whole mattress allowing for better circulation and prevents muscle aches and cramps
Foam encased technology – Heavy Duty Foam is used to reinforce the edges to provide maximum sleeping surface from edge to edge without collapsing



Vitafoam MattressesOur luxurious 5-Zone pocket spring system has a greater concentration of springs at the vital
center third of the mattress i.e. spine are, providing extra support where the body is heaviest.
The plush pillow top features High Density Memory Foam which moulds to your body’s contours
minimizing pressure points and providing optimal spinal support thus reducing disruptive sleep



Vitafoam Mattresses


Medium Duty foam layer is perfect for those who prefer a soft to slightly firm mattress but still enjoy the support and durability that a pocket spring mattress offers



High quality Heavy duty foam layer gives the pocket spring mattress an overall firm feel.



Viscoelastic memory foam is temperature sensitive and designed to respond to body temperature and pressure points effectively eliminating pains associated with sleeping in the wrong position.



74 x 36 x 6/9″ @ KES 15,000.00

78 x 72 x 8″ @ KES 50,000.00


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