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20 Jun, 2024
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Vegetables & Beef Strips Stir Fry With Noodles by Chef Ian Munge, H&S Chef Of The Month

Vegetables & Beef Strips Stir Fry With Noodles by Chef Ian Munge, H&S Chef Of The Month

H&S Chef Of The Month

Chef Ian Munge

Nationality: Kenyan

Interview With H&S Magazine

Who Is Ian Munge?

I am a young man living life to the fullest! My first love is food, and I enjoy cooking, wining, and dining with friends and loved ones. I also have a passion for good music and travelling.


Type Of Cuisine?

My favourite cuisine is Continental French. I love its fusion of flavours and techniques from various regions of France, as it offers a diverse range of dishes to explore and create. At the top of my list are classic dishes like coq au vin and delicate ones like ratatouille.

I also love to grill and am a big fan of how you can turn a cheap cut like top side into a delicious meal. Being raised on the coast, I also enjoy working with seafood, preparing it using different techniques, and incorporating local flavours and seasonal ingredients from the market.


What Inspired You To Become A Chef?

My mum inspired me. I used to cook alongside her as a boy and have enjoyed it ever since.


What Is The Biggest Challenge You Have Faced In The Culinary Industry?

The biggest challenge I have faced in the culinary industry is the long hours, sometimes up to 15 hours a day, and ensuring that I meet all clients’ satisfaction. You just have to make sure to get it right!


What’s Your Biggest Achievement In The Culinary Industry?

Working alongside Chef Alain Ducasse during the opening of his restaurant in Dubai, MIX by Alain Ducasse, has been one of my biggest achievements. I also had the opportunity to work at Jumeirah Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star hotel, alongside Chef Thorsten Killian.

Additionally, I am humbled to have realised every chef’s dream of opening their own outlet or business. I partnered with a fellow great chef, Chef Luke, to establish my own venture, KALUS KITCHEN.


When It comes To Cooking, What Is More Important To You, The Technique, The Ingredients Or The Creativity?

All three are key!

Technique – It’s essential to have different techniques for different types of food.
Ingredients – These will determine the final outcome of your food. My favourite ingredients are butter, salt, and pepper.
Creativity – Food presentation matters. Before someone eats the food, they see it, so it must look good.


Recipe Of The Week: Vegetables & Beef Strips Stir Fry With Noodles

Vegetables & Beef Strips Stir Fry With Noodles
The Noodles


• 1 packet of noodles (Chinese egg noodles, Linguine or Spaghetti)
• Pot of hot water
• Dash of olive oil
• 1 bunch chives for garnish

The Beef Strips


• Oil for cooking the beef strips
• Salt & pepper to taste
• 300g beef strips
• 1 Tbsp sesame oil
• 1 Tbsp soy sauce
• 1 Tbsp sweet and chill sauce
• 1 tsp corn flour

The Vegetables


• 2 large carrots (juliennes)
• 2 large Capsicum (juliennes)
• 200g sugar snaps
• 1 large onion (chopped)
• 1 Tbsp Garlic & ginger paste
• Drizzle of sesame oil


Preparation: The Noodles

Cook the noodles according to the instructions on the packet. Noodles take 8 to 10 min depending on the type of pasta you have used, it’s best to follow the packet instructions to cook to perfection. After the noodles have cooked perfectly, strain the noodle water but keep some to help in stir-frying the vegetables & beef strips. Drizzle olive oil to avoid the noodle from sticking together.

Preparation: The Beef Strips

Prepare the marinade {soy sauce, sweet chill sauce, sesame oil, corn flour and salt & pepper to taste} then stir and add in your beef strips, mix let them sit for a few minutes. Next, heat some oil in a wok and add the marinated beef strips & cook till golden brown for a couple of minutes. Remove the beef strips, and set aside.

Preparation: The Vegetables

In the same wok, add chopped onions and garlic ginger paste, and cook on medium heat until the onions are light brown. Now, add the sliced vegetables to the wok and stir-fry, whilst adding a splash of noodle water. Cook
the vegetables till they are al dente. Add back the cooked beef strips and sauté together until all the ingredients are mixed well together (you can add a splash of noodle water to help keep the mixture moist and prevent it from drying or burning). Finish with a drizzle of sesame oil.



On a plate, place some noodles with the help of a fork or chopsticks and top it up with the stir-fried vegetables & beef strips, and finish with chopped chives.