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25 Jul, 2024
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Melissa de Blok

Unique Photography With Melissa de Blok

Melissa de Blok- Last chance to work with me in Kenya!

“I combine explorative workbooks with honest portraiture”

Melissa de Blok- Unique Photography
My name is Melissa de Blok, and I specialise in unique photography experiences that help introverts celebrate and fall in love with who they are behind closed doors. I combine explorative workbooks with honest portraiture, to help women who are eager to reconnect with themselves, and rediscover just how wonderful they are.  I leave Kenya for good in 11 days, and have time/space for 2 people who are ready to invest in themselves, remind themselves of their value, and be seen for who they truly are.
If this resonates in any way, please connect with me via my application form.  If we are a good fit for each other, we can organise a quick phone call and I’ll share my recommendations – whether that is working with me, or someone/something else.

Melissa de Blok



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Melissa de BlokMelissa de Blok