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21 Jan, 2021
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Types Of Sports – H&S Sports & Fitness

5 Types Of Sports Genres Every Sporty Man & Woman Must Know About

There are many types of sports however there are 5 popular types that every sporty person should know about. If you are planning to take up a sport or just want to know the 5 popular, different types of sports, keep reading as we take you through each one of them.

5 Sport Types:

1. Ball Game/Sports-

Any game that features a ball in it is a ball game or a ball sport. This kind of sport is further categorised as Raquet & ball, Bat & Ball, Goal Sports, Target Sports & Net Sports. Examples of each category include tennis, cricket, football, bowling & volleyball respectively.


2. Combat/Contact Sports-

A sport that requires two people and is a one-on-one sport is known as a combat sport. In this type of sport one opponent wins over another. This type of sport is further classified as Armed Sports, Grappling Sports, Striking Sports & Hybrid Sports. Examples of each category include modern fencing, wrestling such as sumo, Tae kwon do, mixed martial arts respectively.


3. Aquatic/Water Sports-types of sports

Any sport that is played on or in the water is classified as water or aquatic sports.  This is further categorised as In The Water Sports, On The Water Sports & Underwater Sports. An example of each includes swimming, kayaking & freediving respectively.


4. Winter (Snow & Ice) Sports-types of sports

The winter sports include sports played on snow or ice such as ice hockey, skiing, skating etc.


5. Track & Field-

This kind of popular sport ‘track & field’, consists of athletes contesting. Categories of this type of sport include Running, Jumping & Throwing Events. Examples of each include long-distance, triple jump, javelin throw respectively.

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