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01 Jul, 2022
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Types of Compatibility

Types Of Compatibility – H&S Love Affair

4 Types Of Compatibility In Relationships

types of compatibility
Compatibility is an essential factor in a relationship & the more compatible you are with your partner, the more successful the relationship is. It’s when you have issues with compatibility that relationships end. This brings us to the next question: what is compatibility & how many types are there? Are all types important to make a successful relationship? To answer these questions we first need to understand that there are 4 types of compatibility and all are somewhat necessary for a relationship to be successful.

1. Physical Compatibility- Let’s be honest, you need to be physically attracted to your partner as supposed to be repulsed in order for a relationship to last.

2. Emotional Compatibility- Without emotional compatibility a relationship is useless. As you may be very physically attracted to your partner but without an emotional connection, a relationship can’t continue. It’s emotional nurturing such as trust, understanding, and support that play a vital role in sustaining a healthy relationship.

3. Intellectual Compatibility- If you can’t have deep conversations that are interesting to you as well as your partner, you are definitely not intellectually compatible. It’s important to have shared intellectual interests and enjoy having conversations with one another as well as value one another’s thoughts and opinions, only then will a relationship last.

4. Eternal Compatibility- This is the final element and perhaps the most important type of compatibility that distinguishes a successful, lasting relationship from a failed one. Having a common vision such as how to raise children, what legacy you want to leave behind shows that you and your partner share common interests that are constant, compared to the first 3 types that could change due to external factors such as age, needs, etc. This 4th element is what helps flourish a relationship!

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