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Training Aids For Golf Swing – Anokh Jai

TGS Technology: Training Aids ?️ By Anokh Jai

Training aids come in all shapes and sizes. They range from the simplest alignment rods to complex swing training systems such as the K-Vest swing trainer system. The benefit of using training aids is that it provides visual, auditory and sensory feedback to the student when developing a specific motion or correcting a swing fault. As human beings, we respond better and develop changes faster when we can see or feel something.

At Total Golf Solutionz, we have invested in a number of different training aids to help golfers correct a wide range of swing faults and develop a more consistent swing.

Alignment Rods: These are thin fiberglass rods that can be used to develop consistency in the set up. You can use them to set yourself into a consistent stance, determine and develop correct ball position and align your club to a target correctly. They can also be used to help develop extension on the backswing as well as get your club set into the correct 9:00 position.

Slice Eliminator: The Slice Eliminator prevents the golfer from swinging the club across the ball with an out-to-in swing path, which results in a slice. It promotes a straight swing path at impact with the club-face approaching the ball from the inside promoting a straighter ball flight. This training aid also helps students keep their body stacked over the ball on the backswing by preventing them from swaying away from the ball on the backswing.

Tempo Trainer: The Tempo Trainer consists of a weighted rubber ball attached to a rubber shaft. The training aid provides instant sensatory feedback of the ‘smoothness’ of your swing. As you swing the Tempo Trainer, the rubber shaft flexes allowing you to feel the position of the weighted ball. A fast, jerky swing will cause the shaft to over-flex and the ball to whip out of control. A smooth swing will cause the shaft to flex naturally keeping the weighted ball in line with your hands at the take-away, parallel to the ground at the top of the swing, and trail the shaft on the

K-Vest Swing Trainer: The K-Vest Swing Trainer is one of the most sophisticated swing trainers on the market. The top golfers in USA, Europe & South Africa use it to fine-tune their swing. The swing trainer software uses the 3 wireless K-Vest sensors to determine the position of the hands, torso and hips through the entire swing to nearest degree. Within the software, the trainer or coach can load in reference points for an individual’s swing and a margin of error for each point. Using an audio tone and live video, the golfer receives instant feedback when the body is out of position at any of the reference points.



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