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07 May, 2021
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Total Solutions Ltd: iVend Retail: Start Selling Online Today!!

Total Solutions Ltd: iVend Retail: Start Selling Online Today!!

Total Solutions LtdTOTAL SOLUTIONS

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iVend Retail: Start Selling Online Today!!

Digital Commerce as a Solution For Everyday Business

iVend Digital Commerce

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital e-commerce business is booming. More retailers are converting their stores to include online shopping, cashless payments and contactless delivery channels.

iVend Digital Commerce seamlessly connects online sales with store sales for end-to-end retail management across all your shops.


Get 3 Months of iVend Cloud Software for Free!!

Today’s consumers have more information, more options and are expecting a more personalized shopping experience in your stores, plus new safety assurances that go above and beyond. That’s why we’ve introduced iVend Cloud.

To help you start selling now while preparing for a robust restart of business we’re offering SaaS retail management software for free for the first 3 months. Get 15 months of iVend Cloud for the price of just 12, so you can get started now without paying fees for the first 3 months.


Digital Commerce as A Channel WITH Multiple Business Functions

With iVend Cloud, your entire retail instance is managed by the experts, all included in the monthly fee. You get the following included in your package:

  • Point of Sale Licences
  • Magento e-commerce Integration Connector
  • iVend Cloud (Management Console) Access
  • Cloud Server Hosting on Microsoft Azure
  • iVend Cloud Application Management
  • iVend Cloud Infrastructure Management


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