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05 Dec, 2021
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Top Staircase Designs – H&S Homes & Gardens

4 Top Staircase Designs For Your Home

From glass to wooden, spiral to straight, modern to vintage, staircases are eloquent pieces of art that transform any ordinary home into a magnificent architectural phenomenon! Stairs are used to take you from one level of your home to the next but they don’t have to be plain & boring! Check out our tip picks of staircase design that will transform your home!

1. The Regal Staircase-

staircase designThis staircase design gives any home a palatial look & feel! If you are building a huge house then you might want to consider this design for your place!

2. Modern Glass & Wooden Staircase-

staircase designThe all glass or frosted staircase has been replaced by this ultramodern glass & wooden staircase. This is an elegant design that looks neat & if you’re not a flashy person this maybe a design to consider!

3. Contemporary Concrete Floating Staircase-

staircaseThis design is simply unrealistic. The floating staircase is an architectural wonder and if you are looking to make your place stand out then this design should be on your list.

4. The Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase-

If you admire vintage then you’re going to love our pick. This spiral staircase made of wrought iron hand railings is as gorgeous as it sounds! If you’re looking to spruce your house then don’t forget to include this wrought iron spiral staircase!

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