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01 Jul, 2022
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Top 2022 Interior Design Trends

Top 2022 Interior Design Trends – H&S Homes & Gardens

Top 2022 Interior Design Trends: We’re Talking Colour, Decor & Styles

Over the last couple of years, since the pandemic hit, a lot of homes have received a lot more TLC and attention as a lot more time has been spent indoors. This has been the game changer in the interior design world and has caused a huge surplus in the home decor as well as design trends cycle. It’s no longer just about the colours or patterns or textures, but more about the people and their preferences, as homes have become more a reflection of the people who live in it. So let’s check out the top 5 trends that are big this year!


1. Choose Curves-

Curved and rounded edged designs are what is preferred to be seen in furniture as supposed to sharp lines and angles. It adds a touch of comfort, as softer lines in the interior create a more welcoming space.


2. Closed Floor Plans-

Privacy has become a necessity, and this means opting for closed plans over open plans. As more personalized spaces are created, the more creative one gets to be!


3. Standing Out Using The Colour Of The Year ‘Very Peri’-

Top 2022 Interior Design Trends
Shades of purple and mostly this particular colour, the ‘Very Peri’ will be noticed a lot more throughout the year. It’s fun, vibrant and joyful, which is much needed in homes.


4. Going Green: Need For More Sustainability-

Top 2022 Interior Design Trends
Sustainability has been on a rise when it comes to home decor trends. As the need continues more and more, this year you can either opt for picking vintage products, eco-focused fabric, or upcycling unwanted pieces and waste materials, opting for ethically sourced natural materials. All in all, making a conscious decision of going with sustainability when it comes to home decor choices is a great trend to be inspired by.


5. Bring The Outdoors Indoors-

Top 2022 Interior Design Trends

As with the pandemic a lot of time has been spent on lockdowns, indoor/outdoor living is something a lot of people have opted for. Just because one can’t go out, doesn’t mean life has to be boring. Use of large windows not just in the common spaces, indoor plants, use of nature inspired colours, materials and so much more.

Top 2022 Interior Design Trends

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