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06 Dec, 2021
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Top 2021 Sofa Trends

Top 2021 Sofa Trends For Your Home

A sofa is the main centrepiece of your living room where the family spends most of the time together. With new styles evolving and so many fabrics and colours to pick from, it can get a little tricky when trying to pick the right sofa for your home. One thing to keep in mind is that yes your sofa needs to be stylish but most importantly it should bring you comfort and joy! We have 4 popular trends to add life and colour to your living space!

1. Bright & Bold.
sofa trends

The best way to inject colour and bring your space to live is by adding colour! Mustards, purples, navy blues are some of the bright colours to consider this 2021.


2. Curvy & Cosy.

The curved sofa style is another style to consider this year! Curved sofas feel cosier than angular designs and provide comfort as well as ample of space for entertaining.


3. Fabulously Fluted.
sofa trends

Fluting is the new craze this year. It adds texture and gives a decadent, plush feel to the living room. Opt for materials like velvet in bold colours to make the a statement!


4. Voluptious Velvet.

Apart from colours, textures also play a huge role in bringing character to your sofa & living space. This year you can opt for matte velvet in bold, solid colours such as emerald greens, purples or teals.

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