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16 May, 2021
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TNR Trust (Trap, Neuter and Release)

TNR Trust (Trap, Neuter and Release)


TNR Trust was founded by Amy L. Rapp along with a group of 3 Kenyan trustees and registered as a Kenyan Trust in December 2015. TNR immediately started to fundraise for the mobile veterinary clinic, the medical equipment and the Kenyan vet’s salary.

TNR Trust has 3 mandates:

1) Rabies prevention
2) Spay/Neuter
3) Education

In 2019; the first year of operating the mobile clinic in rural and low-income areas, we vaccinated over 5,000 dogs and cats against rabies, spayed/neutered over 650 animals and educated 1,300 children on dog bites and rabies prevention and general animal welfare.

The reason that TNR Trust was founded was to prevent human rabies cases. The reported number of rabies cases is over 2,000 deaths per year in Kenya. 98% of these human fatalities come from domestic dogs that are not vaccinated, over 40 % are children under 14 years of age. To vaccinate a dog, it costs less than 100 shillings, but for PEP (Post Exposure Treatment) for a human dog bite, it can cost nearly 10,000 KSH. If we vaccinate the dogs, we prevent humans from dying of rabies!

TNR Trust is funded entirely by donors, mostly from within Kenya!

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