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02 Feb, 2023
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pet healthy & happy

Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy – H&S Pets Galore

11 Tips On How To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

pet healthy & happy

Having a pet can be fun and exciting but at the same time, taking proper care of your pet & making sure it is healthy & happy can be a task for many purrents, especially the new-to-be mommies and daddies who have never had a pet before. However, with the tips below, if you do follow them that is, you will have a healthy & happy furbaby!

Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Your Pets-

1. Proper Nutrition- It’s fundamental to ensure your pet is getting the correct amount of nutrition for its age and weight. A lot of purrents believe a healthy pet is one that is plumpy. Note cats and dogs too can get diseases such as diabetes and obesity and so it’s important to make sure you are giving your pet a nutritious well-balanced meal.

2. Vaccinate On Time- It’s very important to make sure you get your pet, be it a dog or a cat, vaccinated. Rabies, parvovirus, Cat flu, panleukopenia are some of the potentially deadly diseases that can affect the well being of your pet and shorten its lifespan.

3. Keep Your Pet Pest-Free- Fleas, ticks, heartworms are some of the parasites that don’t belong on any furbaby. To ensure your pet is pest-free its best to consult your vet for the best product you can use for your pet. Remember a clean pet is a happy pet.

4. Have Regular Vet Visits- It’s important you make at least a monthly visit to the vet & if you can’t make an annual vet visit a part of your routine, this, in the long run, will ensure your pet is healthy and disease-free. A lot of times we aren’t able to pick up issues, but a prompt timely visit to a vet may be able to pick up & prevent certain conditions in time. Remember, you shouldn’t substitute this for an emergency visit! When your pet is sick, a visit to a vet is advisable!

5. Practice Regular TLC- Give your pet some TLC! That’s right! If you want your pet to be happy and healthy it’s important you dedicate some time to your pet after all you should treat them like family. If it involves regular walks for your dog or some playtime with your kitten, whatever it takes you as a pet owner must be able to remove some quality time for your furbabies and talk to them and love them unconditionally!

6. Understand Your Pet- Your pet will usually communicate to you when it is hungry, thirsty and even give you certain signs when it is sick! Look out for them! Whether it’s peeing out of the litter box, refusing to eat, avoiding your company or being inactive. These are some of the signs that can indicate that your furry friend is unwell! If you have a close bond with your pet you will usually be able to pick up the signs and tell when your pet is not well and the early detection may help save your pet’s life.

7. Avoid Keeping Your Pet Alone For Long Hours- If you have a busy schedule where you aren’t able to keep your furry friend company, it’s important you at least get him/her a companion. Just like humans are social animals so are cats and dogs. Depriving them of this can lead to depression just like in humans!

8. Make Sure The Environment They Live In Is Clean- It’s important to keep a clean and healthy environment for your pet. You wouldn’t want to be living in a dirty environment and so why would it be okay for your pet? Make sure the bedding it sleeps in is clean, the plates and bowls it eats from is clean, the food fed to your pet is clean and prepared hygienically. All this is imperative for your pet’s longevity. Avoid plastic bowls as in cats this can lead to chin ane.

9. Keep Your Pet Safe- Your pet’s safety should be ensured at all times. If you live in a highrise building make sure you have grills and netting in place to avoid accidental falls for example. If you use garlic in your food or eat chocolate and other foods that may be toxic to your pet, make sure your pet doesn’t have access to those toxic foods.

10. Take Care Of Your Pet’s Oral Health- Usually, oral health is ignored by purrents as most pet owners don’t feel the need to keep a check on their pet’s oral hygiene. A fowl breath is not normal and this could mean that there is either a dental issue or a digestive issue. Both of which can be a serious problem if left untreated. To avoid dental issues such as tartar buildup brush your pet’s teeth at home daily or weekly using a finger brush or a pet toothbrush. Also include an annual oral exam as a part of the annual health checkup to make sure nothing is wrong with your pet.

11. Regular Grooming- Did you know regular grooming can help keep your best friend healthy from head to tail? Apart from picking up all kinds of things such as pollen, dust, fleas, mites etc, these can lead to allergies in your pets causing severe itching and loss of fur. Apart from that pets can also develop knots in their fur and so regular brushing or combing can help battle these issues. You can also bathe your dog regularly and your cat once a while with a mild shampoo vet-approved and when rinsing you should use warm water. Once the bathing process is complete always make sure to dry your pet with a towel and using a hairdryer from a safe distance. Trim the nails regularly to prevent them from growing into the pads which can lead to infection as well as snagging onto fabric etc. causing them to snap. Also, pay attention to the ears making sure they are clean but never insert Q-tips. If you are not too sure how to trim or clean their ears, it’s best you take them to the vet because you don’t want to injure your pet.

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