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02 Feb, 2023
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This Mother's Day, Surprise Her With Flowers From J.K. Florists

This Mother’s Day, Surprise Her With Flowers From J.K. Florists

Mother’s Day Flowers From J.K. Florists – The Best Gift For Her!

Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter how you choose to spoil your mum, be it a Mother’s Day spa date or dinner at her favourite restaurant, Mother’s Day can’t be complete without flowers! So let her know how much you love her & that she means the world to you, with a flamboyant floral statement, for she deserves nothing but the best! Our Mother’s Day bouquets range from as low as KES 1000 to 5000. Be assured with our bouquet your mother is going to feel special, loved & spoilt!

Our Guide To The Top 4 Mother’s Day Flowers:

1. Carnations- Having the scientific name Dianthus caryophyllus, translated as the ‘flower of love’ or ‘flower of the gods’, carnations are a meaningful flower choice. They symbolize beauty & eternity & demonstrate the unconditional eternal love that a mother has for her children & for this reason they are the official flower for Mother’s Day. They’re preferred for their ruffled appearance and clove-like pleasant scent, as well as the extended vase life. Just like roses, they come in various colours & in Kenya they come in 2 types, the standard and spray carnation.

2. Chrysanthemums- The word Chrysanthemum is derived from the Greek word ‘chrys’ meaning golden & ‘anthemion’ meaning flower. The original colour was golden, and hence the name chrysanthemum. In countries such as Australia, because they’re commonly known as ‘mums’ these are another good choice for Mother’s Day. They have a long vase life and are not very expensive, which make them a popular choice in Kenya.

3. Roses- These are one of the most commonly preferred flowers for Mother’s Day and are a great way to show that you care. They are versatile as they come in so many colours from bright reds to shades of pastels & white & have a pleasant scent. They’re also readily available, and for this reason one can’t go wrong with roses. You can pick pink to show love, gratitude and appreciation or yellow which has more warmth, happiness and joy associated to the colour and is a perfect way to say thank you to the most important person in the world. You can also select her favourite colours when it comes to roses!

4. Lilies- These luxurious, vibrant and bold flowers symbolize motherhood and are the perfect flower choice to make your mum feel appreciated for all that she has done for you. There are mainly 3 types of lilies found in Kenya. They are valued for being large, showy, exotic and depending on the type, they may be fragrant too. They are available all year-round and come in various colours.


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