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05 Dec, 2021
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Things You Need To Know About Marble Countertops – H&S Homes & Gardens

Why Pick Marble For Your Kitchen Countertop!

marbleWhen it comes to picking a perfect countertop for your kitchen, marble has always been on top of the list! Most homeowners opt for white marble for their kitchen countertop, as it looks sleek, luxurious & stunning. However whilst picking marble there are a few things you need to know! Keep reading to find out how you can achieve a luxurious kitchen with your stunning marble countertop!

Marble is a form of limestone and is made when limestone is subjected to heat & pressure. It is not only appealing to the eye but is also smooth to touch and it is for this reason that marble is at the top of the kitchen countertop list. Apart from its beauty and smoothness, it is porous that makes it a poor conductor of heat which keeps the surface cool, & for this reason, it is one of the favourite’s of bakers and pastry chefs as it allows them to conveniently work with their hot dough!

The Downsides Of Using Marble For Your Kitchen Countertop

There’s a downside to the porosity of the marble. As marble is porous it means it can stain quite easily. So you need to watch out for acidic foods such as lemon juice & liquids such as oils & red wine, all of which have the capacity to stain the marble and damage the surface.

The other downside to watch out for: scratches. Marble is a soft stone and can easily be scratched.

Polished Marble Or Honed Marble?

To avoid marble from getting stained easily it is wiser to opt for a polished marble. Polish marble looks glossy and it keeps moisture from getting in which is why it is commonly used for kitchen countertops!

For a matte finishing honed marble is preferred which is effective in hiding scratches but is more susceptible to staining. Honed marble is more preferable for flooring as it isn’t slippery as the polished marble.





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