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16 Sep, 2021
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The Red Flags Of Cheating! – H&S Love Affair

The Red Flags Of Cheating: 5 Signs, Your Significant Other May Be Cheating On You!

Cheating is a major violation of any relationship. If you are suspicious that your partner is cheating on you, you need to be certain, as accusations could destroy a potentially good relationship. It’s good to have your guard up and be wary of the signs because having your guard up can protect you. However, the signs below are just a guideline that may signal that your significant other may be cheating on you. To know for sure, whether your partner is cheating, can be quite tricky unless he/she is ready to admit it and/or you are able to catch them in the act of cheating. Below are some of the red flags that you certainly need to be aware of!

1. Being Too Secretive & Possessive With Their Phone- If you’ve been noticing a protective behaviour or a nervous attitude with certain phonecalls, or secrecy when messaging. You may have something to worry about. Normally, in a good relationship, couples don’t mind sharing stuff and are usually open about their correspondence. However, if your significant other has changed the password of their phone for example and something appears off, then you may have a reason to wonder if they’re cheating.

2. There’s A Certain Feeling Of ‘Disconnect’- If your partner is spending less time with you, not taking any interest, and avoiding you then it’s a possibility he/she may be cheating on you. If another person is involved, you may witness a sense of emotional disconnect. He/she may not seem as passionate, he/she may seem emotionally unavailable. ‘Disconnect’ in a relationship doesn’t just happen all of a sudden without any reason. It’s important to find out why and what led to this.

3. His/Her Absences Can’t Be Accounted For- Has your partner just disappeared for a night and forgotten to fill you in? Have you been unaware of your partner’s whereabouts for a while now? Remember, operating on the ‘need-to-know’ basis isn’t healthy for any relationship. Forgetting to mention one late night could be innocent, but if this persists and becomes a habit then your partner is definitely hiding something from you.

4. Focusing A Lot More On Their Appearance- Have you noticed your partner has out of nowhere starting focusing more on how they look, what they wear, etc? The new change in hairstyle, clothes, or physique could mean they’re trying to impress a certain someone. Remember, when you are in a relationship, with time you become comfortable, and dressing to impress is no longer a requirement. If your partner has suddenly started paying attention to their looks then there’s something to be wary of!

5. Change In Sex, Intimacy In The Bedroom- Has your partner got some new moves in the bedroom, or has your sexual activity changed all of sudden? A change in frequency, i.e., less or more sex should be a cause of concern. If it seems like you are sleeping with a different person then you may have a reason to worry! Normally couples tend to try out new things together and have certain things they like or dislike a new move doesn’t necessarily mean concern when it is something discussed or mutually agreed on. However, if the ‘new move’ comes out of the blue every now and then it could mean your partner has either picked it from someone else or is trying them out to impress that someone else.



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