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17 May, 2021
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movie of your life

The Movie Of Your Life – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Your Life, Your Movie – by Alia Datoo

What a week! I’ve been up to my eyeballs, with work and I feel like letting my hair down and having some fun.

So, how about a movie? No, no! I’m not suggesting you stop reading this and go watch a movie. Let’s make OUR OWN!

Has it ever occurred to you that every experience your Soul encounters is nothing less than a well thought out Movie Plot? The World is the Stage, and we are the Main Character, and along with us we have actors, supporting cast, and set – this is the “Movie of our Life.”

The Protagonist, or the main character, is our current self. And the Movie is all about us, for we are the creators of our own universe. We get to focus our awareness on our world, our sphere of influence, the people and experiences that we attract.

If something bad happens, rather than saying something bad happened “to” us, how about we adopt the perspective that it was created “for” us? Everything in our movie is designed for us to experience. When we get out of feeling like a victim, we open ourself to the divine plan that is constantly unfolding by us, for us.

Knowing that it is our world, our creation, helps us shift from complaining about all the things that we “have to” experience, to having profound gratitude for all that we “get to” experience in life, turning every event into an opportunity.

In the Movie of our Life, we are the star! However, the best part of this movie production is that we get to play, not just one role, but three distinct roles. In this Movie of our Life not only are we the main actor but we are also producing the show and at the same time we are watching it as the audience.

For any movie to really hold its audience’s interest, there has to be a compelling plot, or conflict or challenge, and of course the pursuit of love. Rest assured your Soul does a superb job of designing the perfect script for your experience, complete with an entire cast of supporting actors and props. Your Soul has “set the stage” by selecting the location, the time period, the character roles to be filled, the circumstances of the characters, as well as many other considerations.

There we go! Cool, huh? Could it get any better or be more fun? Oh, and yes, it’s going to take everything you’ve got.

So, let’s get ready to walk over to the producer’s chair and with a heart filled with passion prepare to produce the best Movie of our life!

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Movie Of Your LifeAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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