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The Irons - By Anokh Jai

The Irons – By Anokh Jai

The Irons, The Most Used Class Of Equipment In The Bag – By Anokh Jai

The Meat & Potatoes of golf – The Irons. This one is going to be difficult for me to keep short as I love Irons! To me there is nothing prettier than a soft-forged Japanese blade – my Katanas!! Granted they may not perform as well as some OEM offerings but I’ve been jaded. Feel is second to none for me.

Let’s start by busting a common myth – Forged clubs are for better players. No! Forging will achieve a softer feel than cast clubs but when it comes to playing them, any golfer can hit a forged iron, but not every golfer will be able to “feel” the difference between the two forging processes.

In the previous article, I highlighted how Hybrids are slowly but surely taking over the role of Long Irons for today’s average golfer. Irons are the most used class of equipment in the bag and that will not change. The evolution of Irons, especially in the last 15 years has been based on two factors and an insane amount of R&D to offer the
best combination of these factors:
1. Increasing distance (some manufacturers cheat on this).
2. Straightening out ball flight on miss hits.

I agree completely with number 2, every golfer wants their miss-hits to go straighter, but number 1 has a downside that golfers don’t realise. A new set of irons advertised by manufacturer X that flies the ball an extra 10-15 yards creates a bigger distance gap between the lowest iron and your next wedge. This makes it even more important to
make sure that your equipment is fitted to your game.

Choosing an Iron set for yourself can be an overwhelming experience. How do you know what you are getting is correct for you? The easiest way is to go for an equipment fitting session. As a golfer you will learn a lot more and be able to base your purchase decision on actual data. To make things a bit easier, manufacturers offer Irons in three
different classes that are generally directed towards different segments of the golfing market. These are:

1. Distance Irons – Designed to launch the ball high and straight, this offering is directed towards the higher handicapped golfers who have a harder time getting the ball off the ground.

2. Game Improvement Irons – This class of irons is designed for the mid-handicapped golfer. They are designed to be a little more versatile allowing some ball flight manipulation but for the most part they are designed to keep the ball straighter.

3. Players Irons – The most traditional of Iron offerings, these clubs are designed for the golfer that is not looking to add distance but to improve the workability of the golf ball. As such, this class of irons is designed for the lower handicapped players.

My professional advice to anyone thinking of buy a new set of irons – get yourself professionally fitted. The difference will surprise you. Make your investment work for you, not the other way around.

The Inside Scoop – Best Irons of 2018 in each category:

Distance Irons:
#1 – Cleveland Launcher HB
#2 – Callaway Rogue X
#3 – Callaway Big Bertha OS

Game Improvement Irons:
#1 – Srixon 585
#2 – Callaway Rogue
#3 – Taylormade M4

Players Irons:
#1 – Mizuno MP-18 SC
#2 – Mizuno MP-18 MMC
#3 – Srixon 765


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