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09 Jun, 2023
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the happy vibrations

The Happy Vibrations! – Positive Reflection Of The Week

The Happy Vibrations by Shahwana

Positive vibrations are high-frequency thinking patterns, attitudes, and emotions, whereas negative vibrations are low-frequency thinking patterns, attitudes, and emotions. Where are we fitting in today’s lifestyle; are our vibrations radiating on a higher frequency level?

So, what is the benefit of having a positive vibration impact on our wellbeing and daily living?

First, we see the good in a situation, second, we become more compassionate and loving towards others and not forgetting ourselves in this. We see life as a lesson, and always have a positive outcome of the situation rather than dwelling in darkness.

Other ways we can help ourselves:-

• Meditate. Meditation can help soothe anxiety and stress, calm the mind, and give you a better insight into your thoughts and feelings. It can help soothe anxiety and stress, calm the mind, and give you a better insight into your thoughts and feelings. All very high-vibrational activities! Find a calm, soothing space (or create one for yourself with headphones) and focus on your breath for a few minutes. When the mind wanders and gets distracted, don’t worry, this is completely normal. Using compassion, begin to draw it back to the breath. (Try Meditation on Twin Hearts)

• Tend to your chakras. (Do Pranic Healing to balance your energy levels)

• Do a yoga flow. The poses in yoga encourage you to go deeper into both your body and mind, freeing up stagnant energy and raising your vibration. Additionally, the more you move, the more your energy vibrates, so if you’re feeling low, try a flowing class such as Vinyasa. For exhaustion, a yin posture such as a child’s pose can help reset the system and raise your mood.

• Practice mindfulness. Building awareness of yourself and your surroundings is a brilliant way to raise your positive vibrations. After all, mindfulness can lead us to be more considerate and thoughtful—which will make us more likely to be kind and compassionate to others and ourselves. Don’t let life pass you by; become aware.

• Walk-in nature. Get the body moving while you enjoy the benefit of sunshine and fresh air. Turn off your phone, or, even better, leave it at home, and shift your mood by reconnecting with Mother Nature. Bonus points if you do it barefoot.

• Do an act of kindness. Kindness and compassion are super-high vibrational emotions. Just think about how good you feel when you help someone else! Perform a random act of kindness (to a friend or a stranger) and you’ll quickly find that it raises your mood. Additionally, when we perform acts of kindness, it makes us think about how lucky we are, which puts us in a higher energetic state.

• Practice gratitude. As with kindness, practising gratitude instantly puts us into a higher vibrational state. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, make a list of all the many things you can be thankful for in your life. I always practice this before I fall asleep, making a mental list of the people and circumstances I feel grateful for. It means I end the day on a positive note, which also helps me drift off more easily.

Say thank you for life’s lessons – we have to be aware of why things happen to us and do our best to change the vibrations, instead of feeling sorry we need to learn to feel gratitude, better the situations, it’s a daily effort, however, we get into the new pattern of change, life makes a ‘U-turn for the better, the body starts vibration with higher frequency because the mind has sent signals to the right thought!

Have a positive attitude, send a positive vibe! What you give out, is what you receive many times back.

The Happy Vibrations!

the happy vibrations

Shahwana Khanam – Pranic Healer

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