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05 Dec, 2021
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troubled marriage

The Common Signs Of A Troubled Marriage – H&S Love Affair

5 Warning Signs Of A Troubled Marriage To Look Out For!

Troubled Marriage
No marriage is perfect and every marriage has its ups and downs. Having said that, there is no issue that can’t be resolved in a marriage, but if it comes to that, then you know you are in trouble!  Below are some of the reasons why partners may end up shaking your foundation.

Some Of The Common Marital Problems:

1. Too Much Arguing Or No Arguing At All- In all marriages, it is common for couples to argue and healthy arguments are good for a lasting marriage. The problem is when a couple isn’t arguing at all or having way too many arguments, especially about the same thing over and over again. When the arguments include more negative interactions than positive ones, you may start questioning your relationship.

2. Not Having Sex Or Spending Quality Time With Each Other- Sex is a part of emotional intimacy. Not having sex every now and then is normal but going months or even years without having an intimate relationship can signal a lack of emotional intimacy as well as romance. Likewise, if you are not spending enough quality time with your partner and this is the norm in your relationship then something’s amiss.

3. Hating Each Other’s Company- If you’d rather spend time with anyone else apart from your spouse, then that’s a red flag!! Not loving to be in the company of your partner constantly means you can’t stand them and don’t enjoy having them around.

4. Keeping Secrets From One Another- A good marriage has no secrets! Once you start keeping secrets from each other and deliberately don’t want to share certain things such as communicating with an ex etc. is a sign of trouble!

5. Thinking Of Cheating- Having an affair and even thinking about having an affair are both wrong! If you are constantly fantasizing about a certain individual rather than your spouse then there’s something to worry about!

What Steps Can Be Taken To Help Your Troubled Marriage?

DON’T WAIT TO ASK FOR HELP!!- If you think that the issues you are having can’t be resolved then it’s time to get professional help. Why wait until things get worse? What most couples need to understand is that it’s okay to ask for help and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, that’s where a marriage therapist comes into play to help you see, accept and hopefully learn from the mistakes made. Remember, no marriage is perfect, and seeking help to save a marriage is better than having a failed marriage. It also means you are willing to do what it takes to save your marriage!


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