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01 Mar, 2024
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The 12 Laws Of The Universe Part 3

The 12 Laws Of The Universe Part 3 – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Part 3 : Law Of Cause & Effect, Law Of Compensation & Law Of Relativity


The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every action, there is a reaction. In life, whatever you put out—good or bad—you get right back AKA KARMA!

Whatever we think, we cause in the form of our experiences in life. Any attempts to change our experiences are merely a band-aid solution because all negative experiences are merely the effects of our thinking.

So if we want to change our experiences, we must begin by changing our thoughts.

How To Work With This Law: To harness the power of this Law, be aware of how your actions and decisions are affecting not just yourself, but everyone around you. Pay attention and focus on how you can turn negative thoughts into positive ones.


The Law of Compensation states that you reap what you sow. What you give, you will receive. What you withhold from others, will be withheld from you.
However, don’t be focused on the compensation or the results, instead just be open to receiving it in as many ways that the universe can deliver.

How To Work With This Law: Compensation is not about being paid while you are in employment. Rather, it is about receiving compensation for ALL your contributions to the world and people around you. Whatever love, joy and kindness you spread, you will be rewarded in unique ways. Just remain open.


The Law of Relativity states that everything is relative because we all perceive reality in our own way. What is good for one person can be perceived as bad for another.

Two people can go through the same situation but have two entirely different experiences. When you understand and accept this, you step away from unnecessary arguments because the truth is always different according to someone else.
When you understand that you can have more than one perspective for the same thing, it frees you from thinking who is right and who is wrong.

How To Work With This Law: Know that you are the one with a perspective, just link another person. Since you are the one assigning meaning to something, you can choose to regard it as good or bad. Hence, when you experience a bad event, is it something that is happening against you, or for you? Think about it!

Applying this Law can help us understand the tougher parts of our lives with greater compassion. For example, if we’re feeling ungrateful for our living situation, it could be because we’re comparing our arrangements with someone else’s. Instead, we’d be better off appreciating what we have without needing to compare it to something else.

The 12 Laws Of The Universe Part 3Alia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach