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26 Feb, 2024
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tell a story that supports you

Tell A Story That Supports You! – Positive Reflection Of The Week

If You Are Going To Tell A Story, Tell One That Supports You!

I was cleaning out my bookshelf the other day, and came across a dusty copy of my first co-published book, “The Unheard Chapters”.

I took it down and began reading My Story – a short memoir of my life to date (well, to 2020, when the book was published).

I read through all my life’s journeys – the ups and downs, and well, mostly downs, reliving the disappointment, heartbreaks and failures again – and in the end, I had written a strong tribute to the power of human spirit and resilience.

I shut the cover and I smiled. And I thought to myself, if I was given the opportunity to write this story again, how would it be different?

The thing is, we all go through those hard, terrible moments in life, and depending on how deeply we are impacted by these events, we choose to react and/or respond accordingly.

I remember, set back after set back, I kept asking the Universe, “When are things going to get better for me?” I wish I could have known then what I know Now.

When you seek the “When” in any situation (WHEN am I going to……… fill in the blanks), it means that you do not have a vision for your own life and dreams. “When” denotes that you have no power & that things are out of your control. It’s like you are begging the Universe to send some pity crumbs your way to support you in what you need.

But that is not how the universe wants to operate. That is not how a Co-Creator operates. That is not how Energy Intelligence operates, and that is certainly NOT how you operate!

You are meant to be living life from Excitement, not Expectancy. The Success is happening! The Relationship is showing up, Life is happening Through you!

When you live in expectancy, you are always waiting. Waiting creates anxiety, and what do we do when we want the anxiety to go away – we take whatever is available (and then end up regretting it!).

When you live from Excitement, you know exactly what you want from life, and you know that because you are matching its energy, you are going to get it! You show up READY for it!

So, if you are expecting anything and waiting for it to happen, my advice to you is stop. Let it go.
Stop the stubbornness of expecting, anticipating and waiting. Instead, start living from a place of gratitude, joy, happiness, love, freedom, contentment and expansion.

If you are going to tell your story, don’t tell one of despair. If you are going to tell a story, tell a story of triumph!

Tell A Story That Supports YouAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach